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PHI Frequently Asked Questions


Our most frequently asked questions with answers.

What Is A Home Inspector?

A Home Inspector is a person professionally trained to look for material defects or major problems that can or will adversely impact the building. These may include structure, roofing, exterior, etc. Each inspector bases their inspection and reports off of a Standards of Practice which dictates what Must be inspected.

Are Inspectors Licensed Or Regulated?

The State of Arizona requires licensing of all Home Inspectors. Licensing entails completing vocational certification with at least 84 hours of training, passing the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE), and completing 30 parallel inspections with a certified home inspector. Arizona is one of few states take requires such rigorous licensing requirements.

What Is/Isn't Inspected?

Every Inspector has a Standards of Practice that dictates what is required and what is Not Required to be inspected. In the State of Arizona, we base our inspections off of The Arizona Board of Technical Registration’s Standards of

Practice found at:

and as an InterNACHI member, I follow their Standards of Practice, found at:

What If I Want Something Inspected That's Not Included?

Currently, we do not offer any ancillary inspection services but are using Continuing Education so we may soon be able to provide a more diverse amount of services to our clients. Please let us know which services you are most interested in so that we can focus on those areas and have them added as soon as we are qualified to do so.

What Do I Need To Do?

Book your appointment! Whether with us or another inspection company, every home-buyer and seller should have a home inspection to help understand any problems that may not be obvious to a family that’s in love with the home. You are welcome to follow along during inspections, but we understand time is valuable. All we recommend is that you are there for the last 20 minutes so we can go over everything we have found and have time to clarify or show you anything you wish to see.

How Is The Fee Calculated?

Our inspection fees are calculated solely on building type and square footage. We do not add extra fees for age, location, travel, etc. and we currently do not offer ancillary inspection services. This means no hidden fees or extra costs when the inspection is done. You give us all the details of the building online or on the phone and our quote is our price, subject to MLS verification.

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